WooCommerce – Add to Cart Redirect

WordPress Environment Details

WordPress Version 5.1.1
WooCommerce Version 3.5.7
PHP Version 7.2

Where Is It?

WooCommerce >> Settings >> Products Tab

WooCommerce Add To Cart Redirect

Why Do I Use It

When it comes to your eCommerce store and specifically WooCoomerce you need to make sure the checkout process is as quick and efficient for the customer as possible.  If you can save the customer time it lessens the chance of them abandoning their purchase decision.

I use this setting within WooCommerce so that the user is redirected to the cart page after pressing add to cart button instead of staying on the product page to continue to shop.  In my mind this will improve the customer flow and lead to more purchase conversions.  There are many sites that have products that lean more towards a single product on individual orders instead of what we typically envision for eCommerce sites.  In this case the redirect to the check-out page make sense.

In Addition

There are also times that you may need to redirect a user to a specific page after adding a product to cart.  For example you may want additional information or need to display a disclaimer for a particular product.   These detailed redirects can easily be accomplished by using the WooCommerce Add to Cart Redirect Plugin found on the WooCommerce website.

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